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Søborg School

Sketch proposal for site-specific art at the refurbished Søborg school in Gladsaxe.

The proposal consist of three permanent installations:

1. SOLAR SYSTEM + WAVE // A sound regulating ceiling in the new assembly hall. 

2. MOONS // An interactive installation in the window of the new dance hall facing towards Søborg Hovedgade.

3. MILKY WAY - Play, Movement and Teaching // Pattern on the stairs in the schoolyard and the outdoor 1st floor.

Each proposal has in common that they are central to the school's daily users, and at the same time accessible to the citizens of Søborg.

Each installation also has the potential to be used as a tool for teaching, playing or physically unfolding, and can therefore be actively integrated as part of the daily life in the school.

The art must also be able to function as a background for the daily activities, and make the overall experience of the school more colorful, playful and inviting.


Conceptually, I have taken my starting point by looking out into the universe: The Milky Way, the Solar System and the Lunar Eclipse.

The concept has been chosen for this school, as it visualizes the idea of the public school as a fundamental hub in our society, where as a child, you get to expand your perspective on the surrounding world, and thereby to see yourself as part of a larger community. A community that contains both the past and the future, and also reaches all the way to the furthest corners of our universe.

The proposal has been political approved, and will be installed within the next 3 years.

Client: Gladsaxe Municipality



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