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Fringe Bomb

Fringe Bomb is a part of the concept Soft Sculpture which is based on the idea of working with textiles, structure and patterns in a spatial context.

Working with materials from a 2D perspective and then contextualising then in a 3D object that will make the objects a visual and physical experience for the viewer - with a strong emphasis on the craft, materials, patterns and structures.

The objects are also an investigation of what modern textile design is, and questioning the purpose of textiles, patterns and materials in a spatial context.

The project were exhibited at CIFF Kids Copenhagen, 2015.

Soft Sculpture has been financially supported by Nationalbankens Jubilæumsfond & Gerda Hennings Mindelegat.

The project was partially produced at The Danish Art Workshops.

Materials: Jersey cotton, nylon robe, wood, brass.

Made in 2015

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