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Please Touch


I create visual, sensory and spatial experiences, in the form of installations, wall-art, objects and surfaces. My work is somewhere in between 2D and 3D, always focusing on the surface, materials, colors and patterns.

Visually, I work with a graphic design language, and with a strong and bold color attitude.

My work often has a playful and changeable element to it, as I want my work to be perceived inclusive and accessible, to evoke curiosity and to make viewers engaged in the experience.


Through the years I have worked with the concept PLEASE TOUCH.

Please Touch is a concept where I want people to interact with ‘objects/materials’, in the sense that everybody is urged to explore the objects by for example wearing, shaking, touching, squeezing, lifting and changing the objects – essentially PLAY with the objects.

I want people to get an insight into what sensuousness can be, how to experience through one's hands and body, and experience how we use our body both consciously and unconsciously when we experience our surroundings.



I always work with an idea of playfulness, both conceptually and visually. I do that because I want people to feel an instinct attraction to my work, so they have an openness to what they are about to explore.

Play can often be seen as something for children, but for me it is much more about evoking a curiosity that lays within all human being. Something that we are all born with, as a way to discover the world and basically learning about life through play, by activating multiple senses and our body as a whole.



I strongly believe that if we can stimulate curiosity in humans, it is easier to get us involved and engaged in basically anything.  To learn, to be creative and if this is stored not only in your brain but also physically in your body, it will be an experience that you can built on and relate to in other situations.

In my work I therefor always try to evoke a more overall experience. A feeling or a state of mind, always having something touchable, changeable or playful.

I also prefer to work in a scale that somehow relates to the human body. Scale is important in the sense that it automatically make you use your body more actively when having to discover the work and leave a physical 1:1 experience.



I also create artworks for both fashion and interior.

I mainly draw everything by hand and digitalize it in Adobe Photoshop, transforming the elements into a seamless repeated pattern, and color-reducing the file so it is ready for production.

I can easily adapt to almost any kind of visual style that fit into a pre-defined look or moodboard, or we can work together on defining the visual style through concept development.

I work fast, deliver on time and can work with short deadlines.

Please contact me if you want to see a selection of my artworks:



Through the years I have done a lot of teaching and planned and run workshops.

At a higher leveI, I teach textile repeat pattern making, where we go through the whole process from how to create/draw elements for patterns, making the elements into repeated patterns in photoshop and color-reducing them. In this process we also address how colour works in patterns, patterns for different contexts like body and space and the importance of scaling.

I have also done workshop at elementary level and at folk high schools, mainly focusing on colour, pattern and materials.

If you want me to do a workshop or maybe a Talk about my work, please contact me:


Photographer: Gitte Post for Bianco


Photographer: Petra Bindel for MUUTO

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