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What I do


Rather than focusing on any one material or medium, the work of textile designer and artist Kristine Mandsberg tackles each project through an explorative and experimental approach to form and materiality.

From her studio in Copenhagen's Nørrebro district, experiments into materials and surfaces come together through spatial decorations, collectible objects, installations and collaborations with industry that champion colour, pattern and texture. The playful nature in which she creates is imbued into each space and object, encouraging the user or audience to touch and feel the work - promoting a sense of physicality within an increasingly digital world.

This dynamism of interaction is often the defining element that completes her projects, with modularity and changeable components featured throughout her body of work. Whilst colourful and loud in  visual expression, her complex forms are often aesthetically simple in execution – intuitive forms that further promote interaction and a sense of openness.

Follow Kristine on Instagram @kristinemandsberg for the newest updates on her work.



Photographer: Benjamin Lund

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