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Nicolai Kultur

Site specific art installation made for Nicolai Kultur in Kolding, DK.

NICOLAI STAGE is a space, which is used for many different activities, including concerts, theater, teaching, dancing, assemblies and exhibitions.

Because of these many different purposes the space has to contain, a flexibility had to be considered in relation to the function of the installation.


The installation is therefore based on the idea of ​​creating a generic two-dimensional scenography, which could form the background for many different types of activities, and tell the story of a space and a place where there is room to express yourself in many different ways.

A graphic ‘scenography’ which is created by geometric shapes, which form spaces in the 2-dimensional pattern by working with the perspective in the graphics, the transparency of the textile, the overlay and the light.

The installation consist of 5 panels, which runs on separate rails. It will therefore be possible to place the panels in front of and behind each other, so that new compositions emerge and you can achieve a greater complexity in the surface.

The transparency of the material allows you to see the underlying panel, and the light from the window will create a changing atmosphere in the space.

Materials: Sublimation printed polyester.

Made in 2022

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