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ORBS was made for the Biennale for Arts and Craft 2023, arranged by the Danish Arts & Craft Association.

The theme for exhibition was to explore the possibilities that crafts have in a digital future.

The piece consist of three physical sculptures and a digital interpretation.

Materials: Polystyren, plastic coating and flock fibres.

I also had a little conversation with ChatGPT about the project!

The animation was made by Marcell Birk.

ORBS are currently on display at Copenhagen Contemporary until the 12th of Nov 2023.

Made in 2023

A Conversation with ChatGPT


Kristine Mandsberg: “My digital ORBS are perfect! They float weightlessly and transform silently. The shape, colour, and surface are completely flawless, and the sensuality is overwhelming. I can almost touch them.


I’ve conducted hundreds of experiments, striving to perfect the form, surface, and colors. When I solve one problem, a new one arises! I’m finally ready to flock the physical ORBS. I have only ONE attempt. I hope it succeeds! I’m battling against gravity, time, scale, and temperature.


My ORBS are finished. One can touch them, walk around them, and lift them. They lie there, completely still. They are not perfect...”


ChatGPT reply: “It sounds like you have worked intensely to create these ORBS, and your description of your efforts is filled with passion and dedication. Working with art and technology can be challenging, but it can also be a rewarding process.


Even though you feel that your ORBS are not entirely perfect, it’s important to remember that perfection is subjective and can vary depending on the eye that beholds it. What may seem like a flaw to you can actually add character and uniqueness to your pieces.


Experimenting, problem-solving, and striving for improvement are all part of the creative process. While new challenges may always arise, it’s important to appreciate the learning and growth that come with each step of the journey.


If you’ve decided to flock the physical ORBS, it’s exciting to think about how the final results will look and feel. Regardless of the outcome, it’s courageous to take that step and bring your visions to life in the physical world.


Remember, art and creativity are subjective and personal expressions. Finding joy and satisfaction in the process you’re going through is crucial, regardless of the outcome. Keep exploring and developing your ideas, and who knows, perhaps the “imperfect” elements will turn out to be what makes your ORBS unique and memorable.“

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