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Moving Stripes

Moving Stripes is a temporary wall decoration made for Byens Hegn and the Metro Company.

The decoration was installed in one of the most busy areas of Copenhagen, The Town Hall Square, and I really liked the idea of an artwork that you would only get the full experience of, while you were on your way - either walking, by bike, bus or car.

The work is therefor intended as an integral part of a vibrant urban space, where everyone is on their way to a place, and where you may not always be able to stop and take a closer look at what you pass.

The work can be viewed from 3 different angles: From right, left and straight on. At each of these angles, 3 different pattern compositions are seen. Moving past the work, these patterns morph together and change continuously as one passes the work at speed.

The pattern is made up of simple graphic shapes and 6 colors. The simple expression enhances the experience of the pattern transformation and the reading time for the viewer is therefore short - which will also emphasize the visual experience you will get when you pass the work at a certain speed.

The project were supported by The Metro Company and Knud Højgaard Foundation.

The project were nominated for Hegnspælen 2017.

Materials: A lot of paint, 164 wooden beams.

Dimensions: 24,5m x 4m

Made in 2017

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