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20 x 20 by KONTEMPO

An installation by KONTEMPO

KONTEMPO is a Nordic based

platform working to spread

knowledge and awareness about contemporary textiles

Exhibited at Udstillingsstedet for Tekstil, Cph.

20 x 20 is a laboratory where KONTEMPO gives the textile area a new platform to unfold on, and each perform 20 smaller parts into a single work. Individually and yet together, the 7 participants hightligt the diversity in the textile field. The squares become an infinity principle, where the elements can be moved around and new patterns and combinations emerge.

Togehter, the unique squares create a sensuous patchwork landscape.

Work by:

Elisabeth Kiss

Ellinor Ericsson

Marlene Klok

Marie Hugsted

Laura Kirk,

Signe Møller Jensen

Kristine Mandsberg.

Photographer: Cornelia Gramkow

Made in 2020

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