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A solo exhibition at VÆG Gallery, DK.

The exhibition will run from the 16th of March - 13th of April 2024.

In this solo exhibition Kristine presents five types of works. Its glossy, its soft, its transparent. The new works deal with the relationship between repetition, tactility, colour, ornamentation and materiality in an attempt to create sensuous objects and spatial experiences. All of Kristine’s works for ‘Repeated Infinity’ relate to how they place and repeat themselves in space to emphasize a rhythm, a pattern or a materiality that can function in different scales and spatial contexts. All the works can therefore both function in their own right, but can also be put together in larger compositions, where the work goes from being an object to a spatial installation. Whilst colourful and loud in visual expression, her complex forms are often aesthetically simple in execution – intuitive forms that further promote

interaction and a sense of openness – creating a almost infinite narrative.

If you want to visit the gallery, please go to this website for more information:

Photographer: Daniel Schriver

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