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Bianco Campaign


A very nice co-lab with the Danish footwear brand Bianco. Thank you very much for showcasing some of my art in your new campaign.

To see more of the campaign, visit one of the Bianco footwear stores or go follow them @biancofootwear

Photographer: Gitte Post

The Biennale for Craft and Design


A short film about The Biennale for Craft and Design 2019.

I participated with piece Three of a Kind.

The theme for the exhibition was Community,

and if you watch the film, you can hear me talk about my work and my thoughts about the theme.

For more information:


Is This ... ?


An exhibition by KONTEMPO

Open from 14.06.19 - 18.08.19

Form/Design Center, Malmö

A playful textile inquiry that calls for artistic dialogue - what is textile design today and in the future? 

For more information:


Three of a Kind


Selected for the Biennale for Craft and Design 2019.

This years theme: Community.

You can see the piece at Nordatlantens Brygge in Copenhagen, 18th April - 5th May 2019.


Is This Colour?

11.05.19 - 23.06.19

Catalogue for the exhibition Is This Color? by KONTEMPO.

The catalogue was made by Graphic Designer Daniel Schriver.

I also had the pleasure of running a workshop for Public School children, 4th and 5th grade.

We started out mixing and painting colours... lots of colours.

Then we used all the colors to make wall decorations for the building in Kolding.

Here you can see some of the many amazing and colourful ideas.

Is This Colour?

11.05.19 - 23.06.19

An exhibition by KONTEMPO

Open from 11.05.19 - 23.06.19

Rundetaarn, Copenhagen

KONTEMPO is a Nordic based platform working to spread knowledge and

awareness about contemporary textiles.

As a board member of KONTEMPO I am very proud of this exhibition. In KONTEMPO we are 8 board members all working voluntary to make a platform from where we can spread the

knowledge about contemporary textile.

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Recently KONTEMPO had a fun collaboration with the magazine SINDROMS.

Each issue of the magazine is dedicated to a specific color, and for this issue it was the colour white, and KONTEMPO contributed to the magazine with an article about our work, and upcoming exhibition IS THIS COLOUR?

Photographer: Cornelia Gramkow

Styling by: Kristine Mandsberg, Rikke H. Bjerg


The making of Landscape


Work in progress photo, from the making of the Grid installation which was one of the three pieces made for the exhibition Landscape.

We worked at Fabrikken for Kunst og Design for 2 weeks to finish the six individual pieces, which the Grid installation consists of.

Liv Rømer was my assistant thought this whole process of making the pieces for this exhibition.

Photographer: Daniel Schriver



Please join me at my next solo exhibition Landscape.

Fernissage: 3rd of August, 15.00-17.00, at Nicolai Kunst & Design, Kolding.

The exhibition will run until the 2nd of September2019.

Entrance: Free

The exhibition is financially supported by The Danish Arts Foundation, Jubilæumsfond and Kolding Kommune.

Pattern & Play


Pattern & Play is an outdoor installation made for Nicolai in Kolding, Dk.

The installation is made from 25 individual squares, layer in a patterns on the ground. Each square can transform into a 3D shape and the installation cab thereby change its appearance.

Go and have a play with it!



I have just finished 5 workshops at Nicolai in Kolding, Dk.

Saturday I had the pleasure of working with kids from the Kids Art school. They each made one BIG fish. Soon all the fish will be mounted on the wall surrounding Nicolai, and become a beautiful wall decoration.

Please Touch


Please join me for the fernissage of my exhibition Please Touch.

Fernissage: Friday the 5th of January 2018, 4pm-8pm.

Officinet, Bredgade 66, Cph

Opening hours: Tuesday-Sunday 12pm-4pm.

Supported by The Danish Arts Foundation.

Graphic design by: Daniel Schriver

And a nice little mention of my exhibition in the Danish newspaper Politiken.

Designskolen Kolding 50th anniversary


The school where I did my BA in Textile, Design School Kolding, is celebrating their 50th anniversary.

They made this book to celebrate it, and chose 50 designers who studied there, to contribute to the book.

I am very happy to be one of them.

Is This Knit?


Please join KONTEMPO at our newest exhibition IsThisKnit?

Ad a board member of KONTEMPO I have been a part of making this exhibition happening.

KONTEMPO is a Nordic based platform working to spread knowledge and awareness about contemporary textiles.


Moving Stripes


I have been working on a huge decoration project recently.

It will be installed very soon at Copenhagen City Square, as a part of Byens Hegn, a project that is running while the new Metro in Copenhagen is being built.

The final decoration will be 4m x 24,5m, and hopefully make the illusion of a changing pattern when passing it in speed.

The photos is from when me and my team of hard working girls painted the 164 panels on 3 sides. It was pretty hard work!



I was invited to style a concept kitchen for HTH, as part of the campaign HTH GO.

Part of the project were to show the process from idea to the final styled kitchen.

To show just that, they made a short film. Here you can see a couple of stills from the film.

Use this LINK to see the whole film.

Is This Textile?


I am very proud to be a part of this group of Designers called KONTEMPO.

This photo is  from our very first exhibition IsThisTextile?

KONTEMPO is a Nordic based platform working to spread knowledge and awareness about contemporary textiles.