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Temporary installation at Slagteriet in Holstebro, Denmark.

The installation was made as part of the residency program 'Between Tradition and Technology' at Slateriet  in collaboration with 3D animator Marcell Birk.

Project description:

For the project 'Between Tradition and Technology', Birk and Mandsberg, will create a temporary site-specific installation at Slateriet: A physical material-based sensory experience that unfolds to the extremes in the digital world.

The work will explore the contrasts and possibilities in each of their worlds in relation to creating a site-specific experience, and deal with how you can work with creating sensuality, scale and space in both the analogue and digital reality - expanding the space of possibilities, and creating a utopia, which may become a reality we have to deal with in the future.

3D animation by Marcell Birk

Made in 2024

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